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GoMobile Campaign

In 2017 the number of mobile phone users is expected to hit 4.8 billion and already today close to 80% of internet users own a smartphone. It is evident that having a mobile-friendly design isn’t a temporary trend or a “nice-to-have” recommendation anymore, it has become a necessity.

However, studies have shown that 80% of top 100 000 websites in Google are not optimized for mobile devices. Most of these websites belong to small businesses that are on the fence about investing in mobile users due to lack of awareness and uncertainty in return on investment. Therefore, we have decided to run a campaign offering affordable mobile-friendly solutions and we will be starting with cafes & restaurants in the United States.

Restaurant front
Rosa template

Responsive. Modern. Interactive.

The GoMobile campaign is targeted towards small and medium sized business owners who wish to reinvigorate their online identity, but have limited financial resources. Therefore we will be using premium WordPress themes, which are affordable yet effective.

That being said, all of our themes are highly customizable offering an exemplary design, user-friendly backend, and a world class UI/UX for your customers. By providing you with a pre-selected theme we can make sure that you’ll get a complete documentation, high-quality customer service, and future updates. The end-result will be customized to match your branding and achieve business objectives.

Every theme is packed with features that will help you create a website with a strong personality. Whether you want to use all of these features or not, you can be sure that our solutions won’t hold you back in terms of functionality.

  • Smooth parallax scrolling
  • Responsive food menu layouts
  • Reservation & Contact Forms
  • Drag & Drop Content Builder
  • Sticky Main Menu Navigation
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ integration

Each website comes with a built-in blog capability that will help you develop a loyal following with your customers. Creating a recipes section, writing about your staff or promoting upcoming events, will establish your reputation and improve your website’s ranking in Google. If you run out of ideas or you have trouble writing engaging articles, then we are more than happy to offer our copywriting service.

When it comes to reservations, we offer OpenTable integration which makes it easy for your customers to book tables themselves without having to call your maître d’. All you need to do is register with OpenTable.com and validate your website in WordPress OpenTable plugin.

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Participating in the campaign

In the GoMobile campaign, we are mainly focusing on small and medium-sized cafes and restaurants based in the United States. During the next 2 weeks our project managers will reach out to 15 pre-selected businesses, however, we don’t expect 100% participation, so most likely there will be open spots available. If you are interested in participating in this campaign and you have checked the list of pre-requisites, then don’t hesitate to contact us.


Here’s a list of pre-requisites that you should check before applying

  • Your business is based in the United States
  • You already have an existing website
  • Hosting service supports WordPress (PHP 7+ and MySQL 5.6+)

If you have any trouble identifying whether your hosting service provider meets the minimum requirements, then we’ll gladly provide our consultation.