Website audit

Identifying the root cause of a website’s high bounce rate and low visibility is a rather daunting task. It is even harder when one has little understanding of online user experience and digital marketing methods. We start each project with a thorough audit. The purpose of a website audit is to check for different aspects that have the potential of affecting website’s ranking and performance. These include your website’s structure, usability, the quantity and quality of information available. Once our team of experts has established a clear baseline and identified all the opportunities, we will put together a custom solution for you.

Custom repoting

Custom reporting

While there is a variety of free and paid reporting tools available, they are only useful if you know how to use them. Without experience, the numbers will just remain numbers. We take pride in translating numbers into actions. We can discover the causes of low conversion rate, high bounce rate, and lack of incoming traffic. In addition to this, we will also dismantle your sales funnel into parts and use what we find out to help you get around hurdles.

Complete facelift

Considering the amount of resources needed to repair a broken website in terms of time, energy, and expertise, many times, it becomes apparent that it is easier to start from scratch and build your website from the ground up. Other times, it is not easy to determine the best web host or hosting package to use for your website. In these times of uncertainty when you are deliberating which service to use, or how to move your website to a new platform, we are always on standby and would be more than happy to come in and lend you our experience and know-how.

Device compatibility facelift

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The more detailed information you provide us, the easier it is to make you a personalized business proposal. We don’t expect you to outline every design element you have in mind. We will get to it during our consultation session. However, we would like to get an idea of what kind of functionality or objective your website is required to achieve.

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Once we receive your inquiry, we will review and assign it to an appropriate project manager. You’ll hear back from us within 48 hours with a proposal and further instructions.