Website Analytics Suite

All our online solutions are data driven, meaning we use actual data from our clients’ website to determine which solutions provide the highest conversion.

If you’d like to get a better insight to your website’s analytics then we’re happy to help you out.

Website Analytics

Get our Analytics Suite

Most likely you already have Google Analytics installed, but do you find it easy to filter out information that would help your business?

How about if we hook you up with Analytics Suite that includes

Customer profile dashboard
Key Performance Indicator dashboards
Top performing keywords & pages
Heatmaps and video recordings
Data collection

Collecting fresh data

It depends on your website’s traffic, but on average it takes about 7 days to collect enough data for an analysis.

During this time we will set up dashboards, create user experience surveys and map out primary user flows. As soon as we have enough data for all the reports we’ll get in touch with you.


Screen sharing sessions

Once we have enough data about your site, we will schedule a screen sharing call to show our findings and highlight some of the quick wins.

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