Website Care Plans

While you focus on running your business and serving your customers, we’ll make sure your website is up and running 24/7.

Let us worry about updates, security and backups for you.

Leave Technical Support to Us

Website maintenance isn’t rocket science, but it does require a bit of knowledge, experience and of course the right tools.

Website Updates

Website Care Plans

If your website truly contributes to your business success then most likely you want it to be secure and fully functional 24/7.

Sucuri’s report from 2019 showed that 56% of hacked websites had outdated plugins.

According to, last year only 40% of websites were using the latest WordPress version despite the fact that it included crucial security patches.

When was the last time you updated your site? If it was more than a week ago then there’s a chance that your website might be at risk or it might have broken functionality.

We have the experience, knowledge and the tools to get the job done. Rather than wasting your time on mundane maintenance, leave it to us and focus on running your business.

Basic Care Plan

Theme & plugin updates
Daily off-site backups
Daily security scans
Uptime monitoring
Technical support

Premium Care Plan

Everything included in Basic
Premium Hosting
Staging Area
Technical Optimization
Monthly Reports

Website Updates

Theme & Plugin updates

WordPress, theme and plugin updates ensure that your website will be secure and fully functional no matter which device your clients use.

While most administrators simply click the update button, we actually take the time to test and verify that updates.

Weekly scheduled updates for theme & plugins
Instant security updates
Manual regression testing

Reliable off-site backups

Most hosting companies create full backups of your site and store them on the same server which means if your site or server gets infected you will also lose your backups. We’ve decided to go a different way.

Stored off-site

Independent, remote storage (on Amazon servers) means that your backups are always available when you need them most. Even if your server goes down.

90 days of storage

Access to 90 days of backup history. So if you need to restore a previous version of your site, it’s as easy as just saying so!

Immediate recovery

We can recover your website with just a few clicks. If something happens, we’ll get your site back up before anyone even notices.

Selective backups

Unlike most backups plugins, we use a cloud based solution, which enables us to do selective backups for only parts of your website.
WordPress Security

Premium security

Your site is safe and protected from the daily attacks that threaten its integrity. Security monitoring is a no-brainer must, and it comes included in all our monthly plans.

Daily automatic scans

Deep automated scans detect malware, anti-viruses and malicious code that may be on your site.

Powerful firewall

Suspicious IPs and malware bots are prevented from entering your WordPress site.


Secure admin access

Standard login link will be hidden and users with administrator access will be required to use 2FA.

Premium Care Plan

We offer our Premium Care Plan for business that need more than just maintenance.

Managed Hosting

Premium hosting

If your current hosting solution isn’t really offering the performance, stability and support you need then we might have a solution for you.

Fully equipped hosting

Free migration, built-in caching, CDN integration, SSL support and loads more.

Staging area for development

Rather than messing around on your live site, we offer a staging area where you can build your new features and with just one click push them to live environment.

Servers around the world

We can host your site on multiple locations across the world and if that is not enough then we will add CDN services.

Performance optimization

Additionally to the premium hosting solution we offer technical optimization which will ensure that your site is as fast as it can be.

Assets optimization

We will scale, combine, minify, compress and optimize all the visual and non-visual assets of your website.

Coding review

As the technology advances we will review and update your website’s code to make sure it’s lightweight, well-documented and optimized.

Monthly audits

At the end of each month you’ll receive a comprehensive report that outlines what has been done and what impact it had to your site.

Pay As You Grow

Additionally to the technical support and maintenance we do offer custom development and a few other extra services.
WordPress Security

Technical support

If your site is still growing and you need custom development or advanced technical support then we’ve got your covered.

Simple task management

No more lengthy emails. We use Asana to keep all your design & feature requests nicely in one place where you can easily see our progress.

On-page SEO & reporting

We will track, monitor and analyze your website traffic and provide on-page optimization to ensure your website is ranking well in Google.

Extra services

If you need just a bit more support from us then here are a few services that you might find useful.

Check-in calls

If Asana dashboard is not enough to keep track of your requests, then we do offer bi-weekly or monthly check-in calls were we can give you an update on our work and opportunities.

Visual assets

Studio Seven has access to a ton of visual stock content such as Adobe Stock & Envato Elements. If you need a photo, icon or infographic then we’ve got you covered.

Discounted licenses

If you need a new premium plugin or a theme then there’s a good chance we already have it. Simply ask and we might be able to give you a discount.
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