Results Driven
Online Presence

Most likely your business already has a website, but how much does it contribute to your business revenue? If you’re not sure or you’re not happy with the results then we might be able to help you.

What kind of help do you need?

Find Opportunities

Having trouble with high bounce rate, low conversion, poor user experience?
We can help you understand what’s holding you back.

Technical support

Need help with updates, backups, security, uptime monitoring?
We can make sure that your site is up and running 24/7/365

Fresh look

Content mapping, re-branding, superior functionality and responsive design.
Let’s schedule a discovery call and see if we can help you.

Let’s start with the basics

How well do you know your clients?

Most likely you already have Google Analytics installed to track user behavior, but how often do you actually use this data to improve your website’s performance?

Let me ask you 3 simple questions

Would you like to get more insight to your primary customers (ex. location, device, gender, age, source)?
Could you use a dashboard that gives you a daily summary on how well your site is converting?
Would you be impressed if we can show you recordings of what visitors are doing on your site?
If you wish to understand how well your site is doing then we’d be more than happy to help you.

Website Audit

Data driven decisions 

Identifying the cause of a website’s high bounce rate and low visibility is a somewhat daunting task. It is even harder when one has little understanding of online user experience and digital marketing methods. We start each project with a thorough audit. The purpose of a website audit is to check for different aspects that have the potential of affecting website’s ranking and performance. These include your website’s structure, usability, the quantity and quality of information available. Once our team of experts has established a clear baseline and identified all the opportunities, we will put together a custom solution for you.


Failing to plan is planning to fail

It takes a significant number of resources to repair a broken website regarding time, energy, and expertise, many times; it becomes apparent that it is easier to start from scratch and build your website from the ground up. Other times, it is not easy to determine the best web host or hosting package to use for your website. In these times of uncertainty when you are deliberating which service to use, or how to move your website to a new platform, we are always on standby and would be more than happy to come in and lend you our experience and know-how.


We will let you focus on your business 

While WordPress is one of the most popular and easiest content management system out there, it does require constant maintenance to ensure your site is secure, up to date and functional. 

Thanks to various online services and premium plugins you can automate some tasks such as upgrades and backups, but in most cases you still need to do minor maintenance tasks on weekly basis. 

If you lack the time and resources to both run and maintain your website, then we’d be happy to help you out. We already have the toolset, knowledge and years of experience.

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