Google Analytics is one of the most valuable tools available to webmasters and internet marketers. It is a free tool just like most of Google’s services. This tool allows you to study various demographics and statistics about your website ranging from the location where your visitors are coming from, keywords that led them to your website, amount of traffic you are getting on each content, among other things.

Google Analytics is an intellectual tool for getting relevant information about your website visitors. Moreover,

  • It helps to track how many visitors are visiting your website
  • See what device (Laptop, desktop, mobile), screen resolution, browser (Firefox, Chrome) with which visitors use to access your website, and also the country they are from.
  • It also helps to monitor visitors’ path on your website
  • Helps to monitor the effectiveness of an offline or online marketing campaign.

Below are 5 top reasons why you need to integrate Google Analytics into your site.

1. Feature rich SEO

Google Analytics helps you understand the inbound and outbound traffic to your website. It gives a report of website visits, bounce rates, content and sources, website views, and much more. In relation to SEO, it helps you determine which keyword your visitors searched for that led them to your website. Having knowledge of these keywords will help you optimize more for this keyword, and you will be able to get more traffic.  Experts mention that keywords are the best way to drive traffic to your website or landing page. Google Analytics therefore, affords you the opportunity to get the keywords that are bringing the most traffic, and you will have the possibility of optimizing your content with these keywords for heavy traffic.

2. Monitoring Social Media Traffic

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and others are effective for communicating and sharing information with other people on the internet. Companies utilize a wide variety of marketing channels to promote their brand, company, services and products.

However, social media channels are tools companies make use of and this  allows them to engage with potential clients on a global scale. Therefore, a company spending a lot on advertising through these channels will want to know if their advertising efforts have been successful, and also the conversion rate. Google Analytics is a tool that can help to this end. It is necessary to monitor the leads and traffic coming from these channels so as to determine one that is most effective. While Social media channels also offer tools to track campaigns, they are not as straightforward as Google analytics. Twitter, for example, uses tools like Tweetie and Tweetdeck. These applications make it difficult to track website traffic, but with Google analytics, it becomes easier.

3. Statistics, Demography and conversion tracking

Google Analytics gives you the opportunity to track conversion rates through statistics and demography. In simple terms, it helps you to see how many people visit your website, and how long they stay.

Conversion tools help you monitor from where, to whom, and why, you are creating sales. For example, it can help you determine which of your marketing campaigns are most effective and which ones are not. You can, therefore, use this information to channel your resources into the campaign that is bringing the most lead. Analytics helps you convert visitors to leads faster.

4. Advertising

You can use Google analytics for advertising. If you do not have a tracking and conversion tool, you will not have a means of knowing if your campaigns are successful. Google Analytics provides a way of tracking marketing campaigns. With this, you will be able to get a report on how many people viewed your site, how many purchased items, as well as your bounce rate. It also helps you study your visitor’s loyalty.

Visitor’s loyalty is about the number of returning visitors and also how many times they come back. When you have a website where you are selling products and are able to have returning visitors over and over again, you are doing something right and this can become bigger for your company. Google Analytics is the tool that will reveal all this to you.

5. Content tools

Having the knowledge that content is king, you can utilize Google analytics to strengthen the content on your site. It can be used to analyze which content is read most on your website and ones that are not visited. Having this knowledge will help make a decision on the type of content you would want to generate. It also enables you in optimizing your materials for increased earnings and customer retention.

Most companies are often concerned by ROI when they are running a marketing campaign. The most effective way to calculate percentage ROI is to have analytics in place to help you track consumer’s behavior on your website, as well as what they are interested in.  All the statistics and reports you get from analytics will help you develop your website, increase customer’s engagement and in the end, increase sales by a wide margin.

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