A responsive design is basically a layout of the website that provides users with the optimal level of viewing experience. With the mobile market share increasing in size each day, you need to make sure your visitors are being served up the best digital experience no matter what device they are using.

There are plenty of articles explaining in detail why you should go for a mobile-friendly design, but essentially it boils down to 3 main reasons.

Search engines favor mobile-friendly sites

Back in 2015, Google announced that responsive design will be considered as a ranking factor for searches conducted on a mobile device. Why? Because Google is committed to providing the best user experience to its users.

Even though serving high quality and relevant content remains at the top of the list, it’s not enough anymore. If a mobile user has a difficult time consuming the content, then they will most likely click the back button within the first 10 seconds and choose a next link from the search results. If this scenario happens too often then the user might try a different search engine and that is something that Google cannot allow at any cost. So, if you wish to be visible on the biggest search engine in the world then you best follow their guidelines.

User experience

Poor quality images, small text size, and links underwhelm website visitors considerably and can ultimately lead to a loss in sales. Of course, you may use the pinch-to-zoom feature, but it’s really inconvenient to constantly adjust your viewpoint.

Moreover, a majority of people check social media via their mobile devices, so when they click on your website and find that it isn’t mobile-friendly, they’re likely to leave the page and ignore any possible links in the future.

Getting ready for future

Responsive websites are not designed for any specific screen size or device. Planning for the future, when new devices (Watches, Glasses, TVs etc.) are expected to be used for web browsing, your website will be ready to adapt to any screen size and the latest devices. Today’s day and age of online marketing it’s necessary to stay up to date with all the latest techniques to maintain an effective online presence.

Have you already tried Google’s Mobile-Friendly test? It takes less than a minute to find out if your website is optimized for mobile devices.

However, it doesn’t guarantee that your customers feel the same way. If you see that mobile users have a high bounce rate and low conversion despite passing the mobile-friendly test, then feel free to reach out to us. Our user experience specialists are able to analyze your website from customer’s point of view.

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